Turkey office

Post date 02 - May, 2018


According to economic reports, the Turkish economy is achieving high growth rates at a rapid pace, with this great growth in Turkey and it was worth for Buraq to be present and provide the following services:

·         Receiving and Inspecting cargo

The role of Buraq crew and warehouse is to ensure the safety of the goods and ensure that they arrive intact, in the correct specifications agreed by the buyer. this saves a lot of money on the trader side for his business to grow and be safe.

·         Trade negotiation

Buraq has a group of negotiators who understand how to deal with the Turkish trader’s market to reach the best prices and the best goods that are characterized by quality, price and specifications required

·         Customs clearance and shipping

Our company completes the customs clearance procedures for your goods and provides all the necessary documents whether certificates of origin or purchase invoices, certification, accreditation and processing for export through our customs ministry.