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Shipping Mediator

Our shipping services cover a wide range of needs, from small packages to large containers.

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Express Shipping

By consolidating shipments, we improve shipping efficiency and reduce overall costs. You can now receive all your goods in a single shipment.
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Economy Shipping

Our international shipping service provides seamless shipping solutions for customers looking to send parcels across borders by handling customs clearance and documentation requirements.
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Overnight Shipping

Facilitate your experience with our comprehensive customs clearance service for a fast and hassle-free shipping process. The Buraq team handles customs requirements to ensure your shipments are cleared smoothly and efficiently.
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International Shipping

When time is of the essence for your business, Buraq's express shipping options ensure an effective and reliable service to guarantee your shipment reaches its destination as quickly as possible.

Delivering Success Through Reliable International Shipping Solutions

At Buraq, we pride ourselves on our exceptional track record of providing efficient and reliable international shipping services. With over 15 years of experience, we have successfully delivered shipments to destinations worldwide, ensuring customer satisfaction every step of the way.

100K+ Volume of Shipments
95% Customer Satisfaction Rate

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